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Contestants from across the globe took to the stage at Oculus Connect 5 in the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose on September 25th and 26th for the VR League Grand Finals! 🏆

We couldn't have asked for a better final at Oculus Connect 5! Stay tuned for the full recap 🤩

Having wrapped up the @VRChallenger World Finals at @Oculus Connect 5 just two weeks ago, we walk away from Season 2 with our heads held high.

Placing 2nd in @EchoGames & @theunspokenvr, our players took it down to the wire and we could not be prouder.

@Flushgogo @Affenterror24

Haven't tried Onward yet?

Be sure to give it a go during the free weekend starting on the 26th October on Oculus Home!

Will we see you on the battlefield?

New to @OnwardTheGame & still getting your bearings? Don't worry, the community's got your back! Some veteran players have created a Discord dedicated to helping newer players learn. Hop in, ask questions and get playing! Have fun!
#VR #OnwardVR

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Interested in the future of esports!?

At Oculus Connect 5 I hosted a session all about VR esports. During the talk I review Oculus' strategy for the space and discuss how the industry will evolve in the coming years. #OculusRift @oculus @VRChallenger

And that ... is a wrap! It's been a blast - thank you all for tuning in and sharing it with us! 🏆 #OC5

Congrats @IG_Kazznaz and enjoy that trophy! Well earned after sprinting through the #SprintVector finals as convincingly as you did!!

🏆 #OC5

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