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This season of the VR League comes to a head at Oculus Connect 5 on September 26th and 27th at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA, where the top two Echo Arena teams hailing from both Europe and North America (for a total of four) will compete for the $38,000 USD prize pool and the championship title.

Breaking down the path to qualify for OC5

Stage 3 Final – August 12th
First up is the on August 12th, where top two teams from North America and Europe will receive an invite to the  alongside the winners from stages one and two in each region. 

Last Chance Qualifier – August 14-15th

The remaining competitors will have one final opportunity in the Last Chance Qualifier on August 14th-15th. The top four teams from both NA and EU (two from each region) will advance to the Echo Arena World Finals Qualifier.

North America – Europe

Echo Arena World Finals Qualifier – August 18th-19th

With two teams advancing in each of the three stages, and another two from the Last Chance Qualifier in both North America and Europe, sixteen teams (eight from each region) will take to the arena on August 18th-19th. Two teams from each region (for a total of four) will secure a slot in the grand finals at Oculus Connect 5.

Prize Pool Breakdown

    1st: $18,000
    2nd: $10,000
    3rd: $6,000
    4th: $4,000


 North America – Europe

Upcoming Cups

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Standings EU

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Standings NA

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Echo Arena from Ready at Dawn Studios is a three-vs-three tactical, zero-gravity game that was a huge success throughout the premiere VR esports season, fostering 98 registered competitive teams worldwide (a total of 258 players) after just a couple of months. Tournament play will be coming to a head soon at the Echo Arena Invitational in July. Sign up here to compete on ESL Play!

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