The First and Biggest 
 VR League on the planet


23mar1:00 pmEcho Combat NA - Cup #1

23mar7:00 pmEcho Combat EU - Cup #1

24mar1:00 pmOnward NA - Cup #1

24mar1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #1

24mar7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #1

24mar7:00 pmOnward EU - Cup #1

31mar1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #2

31mar7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #2


07apr1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #3

07apr1:00 pmEcho Combat NA - Cup #3

07apr7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #3

07apr7:00 pmEcho Combat EU - Cup #3

14apr1:00 pmOnward NA - Cup #4

14apr1:00 pmSpace Junkies NA - League Day#1

14apr7:00 pmOnward EU - Cup #4

14apr7:00 pmSpace Junkies EU - League Day#1

21apr1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #5

21apr1:00 pmEcho Combat NA - Cup #5

21apr7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #5

21apr7:00 pmEcho Combat EU - Cup #5

28apr1:00 pmOnward NA - Cup #6

28apr1:00 pmSpace Junkies NA - League Day#3

28apr7:00 pmOnward EU - Cup #6

28apr7:00 pmSpace Junkies EU - League Day#3


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Four games. Two regions. One trophy, and $250,000 on the line.

Season 3 starts this weekend! Have you signed up your team yet? 🏆

Get movin'! Beat Saber is coming to @Oculus Quest this Spring! 💥

No cables, no PCs, no limitations. New era of VR gaming is here! #WhatsYourMove

With Season 3 of @VRChallenger just around the corner we are excited to announce that AMOC, EU's top @EchoGames Combat team, is joining Team Gravity!

Big welcome to @Ducky156_, Dirvel & @StoatTheGoat who will be competing alongside @Flushgogo in EC S3.

Onward competitor Auto shares his thoughts about playing in the VR League IEM Katowice show match. We are building an industry and VR does make dreams come true. Step into the game and join us for Season 3!

@VRChallenger #VirtualReality #VResports

Competitor Shares How VR League Can Make Dreams Come True - VRespawn

by Auto, team captain of Globochem, Onward VRML World Champions In the early days of Onward’s competitive scene, I never imagined my team would ...

@VRLoyalDogs - I'll be writing articles about VR League Season 3 players, teams, games, etc., including Space Junkies. Please reach out to me on Twitter or email - This applies to other teams interested in @VRChallenger as well. Thanks! 🙂

You asked, we listened. Echo Combat is now on Saturday and Echo Arena is now on Sunday!

Don't forget to sign your teams up on @ESLPlay 🏆



Want your shot at the big stage? It all starts on @ESLPlay. Sign up for @EchoGames, @OnwardTheGame and Space Junkies today!





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