Onward is coming to the big stage at Oculus Connect 5 this September at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. This 5v5 tactical mil-sim is virtual reality’s premiere FPS title. Working in tandem with the VR Master League, the VR League has hosted an invitational and showcased several VRML matches from the top teams worldwide, and is proud to bring them to the stage at OC5.  


Four teams will qualify for Oculus Connect 5. The first is Globochem, who secured their position at the Onward Invitational earlier in June. There are three more slots up for grabs:
Onward Open Qualifier
With the Onward Open Qualifiers now complete, Beginners and BossFight join Globochem at Oculus Connect 5

Onward World Finals Qualifier – September 1st-2nd

The last slot for Oculus Connect 5 will be awarded on September 2nd to the winner of the Onward World Finals Invitational Qualifier, live from the ESL Studios in Leicester, UK. VRML teams ranked #4-#7 will be invited out to compete on LAN to become the fourth and final squad headed to Oculus Connect 5. Those teams are Lemon Squad, G-Men, SMC Tactical and Danglers.


    1st: $25,000
    2nd: $15,000
    3rd: $10,000
    4th: $10,000

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Onward is a tactical military simulation VR game where players attack and defend a satellite uplink, with an added dimension of physicality. Players must physically shoulder their virtual rifles, lob their grenades, control their breathing, crouch, lay prone and more to succeed.

Every action must be done by (virtual) hand – there’s no hotkeys or binds for instant weapon switching or jumping, no HUDs and no crosshairs. To reload your weapon, press the mag release, grab a new magazine from your tactical vest, put it in the weapon’s mag well and pull the charge handle. Each of these things is as realistic as possible, and every weapon is different; requiring players to possess a keen knowledge of not only how to use their tools, but do it quickly under pressure.

Aiming is very realistic as well. Players must grab the grips on either end of their rifle and shoulder it to look through the sights. Sights work like their real-life counterparts as well – EOTech and red dot sights allow the user to keep both eyes open, while magnification scopes require you to close one eye and position your rifle at just the right point due to the eye relief.

To “plant the bomb,” players must approach the satellite dish, retrieve their tablet from their back and enter the 7-digit code to secure the uplink and win the round – all while ducking and laying on the floor for cover from enemy fire. In-game communication is proximity based, and in order to talk to your teammates on the other side of the map players must let go of their weapon and use their shoulder-mounted radio.

All of this and more combines into the most realistic multiplayer mil-sim experience currently on the market. Physical dexterity, agility, speed and marksmanship are key to staying alive. Onward is currently in early access by developer Downpour Interactive, but that hasn’t stopped a passionate group of players who have built a vibrant competitive community online.

Head to the VR Master League’s site to sign up for Onward competitions!

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