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VR League Season 3 concluded in Leicester on June 9. Congratulations to Globochem, the Onward VR League Season 3 Champions!

Road to Finals

The world's top Onward teams have secured invitations to the VR League Season 3 Grand Finals to compete for a portion of the $63,000 prize pool on June 8-9 at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, UK!

The VR League worked in partnership with the VR Master League again this season and one of the teams comes directly from the VRML Spring Championships.


Stage 1 of the weekly cup competitions concluded on April 7. The first two Onward teams each secured a spot at the Online Closed Qualifiers. 

stage 2

Onward teams continued to accumulate points and prize money during weekly cups on April 14, April 21 and April 28. During this stage, two teams from each region qualified for the Online Closed Qualifiers.


Remaining teams competed in a Last Chance Qualifier for a final opportunity that would allow them to advance to closed qualifiers. The following teams - one from each region - secured the spots.

Online closed qualifiers

Closed qualifiers took place between the top four teams in each region on May 19 (North America) and May 26 (Europe). The following teams advanced:

The final team to secure a spot at finals came from the VR Master League.

These four teams will compete for the Onward VR League Season 3 Grand Championship title.


    1st:  $30,000
    2nd: $15,000
    3rd-4th:  $9,000


Onward is a popular 5 v 5 VR first-person shooter from Downpour Interactive. The VR Master League is a community driven platform created by DaKinMan and supported by players who have come together for a positive competitive experience. 

Please tune in to VRL social media channels to watch VR League Season 3 Grand Finals Broadcast on June 8-9.

Upcoming Cups

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