Season 2

The VR League currently features Echo Arena, The Unspoken and Sprint Vector, with Echo Combat alongside two other to-be-determined titles joining the VR League on ESL Play later in the season. Launched on May 18th, the VR League returns after a thrilling premiere season to bring back the VR competition you've come to know and love, this time with a bigger prize pool, more games, more content and more hype!

The competition concludes at Oculus’ very own flagship event, Oculus Connect 5 on September 26-27th. 

The VR League is also partnered with the Onward competitions hosted by the VR Master League, a grassroots community organization dedicated to the tactical mil-sim shooter. Top teams from the VR Master League are headed to Leicester, UK for the fourth and final slot in the World Finals at Oculus Connect 5.



23mar1:00 pmEcho Combat NA - Cup #1

23mar7:00 pmEcho Combat EU - Cup #1

24mar1:00 pmOnward NA - Cup #1

24mar1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #1

24mar7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #1

24mar7:00 pmOnward EU - Cup #1

31mar1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #2

31mar7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #2


07apr1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #3

07apr1:00 pmEcho Combat NA - Cup #3

07apr7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #3

07apr7:00 pmEcho Combat EU - Cup #3

14apr1:00 pmOnward NA - Cup #4

14apr1:00 pmSpace Junkies NA - League Day#1

14apr7:00 pmOnward EU - Cup #4

14apr7:00 pmSpace Junkies EU - League Day#1

21apr1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #5

21apr1:00 pmEcho Combat NA - Cup #5

21apr7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #5

21apr7:00 pmEcho Combat EU - Cup #5

28apr1:00 pmOnward NA - Cup #6

28apr1:00 pmSpace Junkies NA - League Day#3

28apr7:00 pmOnward EU - Cup #6

28apr7:00 pmSpace Junkies EU - League Day#3

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