Season 3

The VR League is the next step in the evolution of VR esports - with $250,000 USD in prizes and a new, more flexible structure. Powered by Oculus, the VR League is home to Echo Arena, Echo Combat, Onward, and Space Junkies.

In addition to two of last season’s games, Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena and Downpour Interactive’s Onward, the third season will also include Ready At Dawn’s Echo Combat and Ubisoft’s Space Junkies. Launching on Sunday March 24th, VR League  will host six weeks of online competition and a last chance qualifier in both Europe and North America. The league will culminate in an exciting offline Grand Finals event at Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, UK.

Sign up now to compete for your share of the Season 3 prize pool of $250,000 with prizes to be given out every week!

Broadcast schedule


23mar1:00 pmEcho Combat NA - Cup #1

23mar7:00 pmEcho Combat EU - Cup #1

24mar1:00 pmOnward NA - Cup #1

24mar1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #1

24mar7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #1

24mar7:00 pmOnward EU - Cup #1

31mar1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #2

31mar7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #2


07apr1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #3

07apr1:00 pmEcho Combat NA - Cup #3

07apr7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #3

07apr7:00 pmEcho Combat EU - Cup #3

14apr1:00 pmOnward NA - Cup #4

14apr1:00 pmSpace Junkies NA - League Day#1

14apr7:00 pmOnward EU - Cup #4

14apr7:00 pmSpace Junkies EU - League Day#1

21apr1:00 pmEcho Arena NA - Cup #5

21apr1:00 pmEcho Combat NA - Cup #5

21apr7:00 pmEcho Arena EU - Cup #5

21apr7:00 pmEcho Combat EU - Cup #5

28apr1:00 pmOnward NA - Cup #6

28apr1:00 pmSpace Junkies NA - League Day#3

28apr7:00 pmOnward EU - Cup #6

28apr7:00 pmSpace Junkies EU - League Day#3

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