VR League Season 3 ended in Leicester on June 9. Congratulations to VRespawn for taking the Space Junkies VRL Season 3 championship title!

Road to Finals

Space Junkie’s premiere in the VR League concludes at the finals on June 8-9, 2019 at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, UK. The top teams from both Europe and North America (two from each region) will compete for the $25,400 USD prize pool. Which duo will become the first Space Junkies champions?


Space Junkies teams competed in a League System that that included a short season of weekly cups, a group phase, and a Last Chance Qualifier for North America to determine the two final teams that would advance to playoffs.

The following eight teams from each region qualified for the playoffs. 



    1st:  $12,200
    2nd: $6,000
    3rd-4th:  $3,600   

Season 3 playoffs

Playoffs took place on May 18th for North America and May 25th for Europe. The following Space Junkies teams have advanced to the Season 3 Grand Finals.

Please tune in to VRL social media channels to watch VR League Season 3 Grand Finals Broadcast on June 8-9.

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